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Auron Symbol.png

Auron, the land of gold, is a massive metropolis that is divided into three levels: downtown, uptown, and central. Central Auron is at the highest point in the district and is also the center of trade, commerce, and education. Auronians hail from here.

Locations of Interest

Auro Island – The rumored location of Central Rebel HQ. This isle is constantly plagued by a sandstorm of mysterious origins, so no one outside of the Rebel forces have been able to confirm whether or not this isle is even inhabited.

Mirror Cave - Rumor has it a great dragon melted the desert sand in an angered frenzy and created this cave to sleep.

Downtown Auron – The lowest point in Auron, also including the Golden Shore. Further inland is where most of the poorest citizens live; shantytowns and abandoned rail yards pepper this part of the district.

Uptown Auron – The second level in Auron, Uptown Auron is where a majority of Auronians live.

Central Auron – A number of landmarks are here in Central Auron, including the central branch of the Auron Education System and the Auronian Exposition Center.