Andy Naginata

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Andy Naginata
Andy 2019.png
Andy (present). Andy was previously Auronian.

Andy Naginata

Alias(es)Remy, Andy Ramirez (pre-Corruption)
Age35 cycles
Birthday13 Finalis (13.13)
Height7' (2.13m)
OriginAuron Auron Icon 18x18.png
RaceOniyan Oniyan Icon 18x18.png
AuraViolet Corrupted Aura Icon18x18.png
AllianceFor Corruption
OccupationNoble Guardian
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Andy Naginata, previously known as Andy Ramirez, lived his previous life as a peacekeeper who worked on occult cases. Now, he is a Noble Guardian who tries to avoid his duties, especially if his mentor is awake.


<3: Wind/Ray surfing, Oceanic Wildlife, Working in teams <//3: Drowning, Bullies, Slimy politicians
+: Patient, Perceptive, Gallant -: Indecisive, Emotional, Stubborn