Gale Shurinai

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Name: Gale Shurinai                                     

Alias(es): Angel Boy (Later, just “Angel”), Shu                                                                             

Age: 34                                                              

Birthday: Seltis 17 (2.17)                             

Height: 6’8”

Origin: Platinia                           

Race: Platinian (Glamoured Auronian)   

Aura: Teal (Later, Blue)

Alliance: Against Corruption                      

Occupation: Rebel Lieutenant (Head of Psi Ops)                                            

Essence: Water

Gale was born as the child of the usurper king Kaito Shurinai, who was as fierce as he was sexist. Because of her fear of her husband’s rage, Gale’s mother taught her how to hide herself from her father and glamour herself as a boy. Now, Gale struggles to come to terms with the death of a close friend–and his fate.


<3: Music and dance, bubbles, aromatherapy            

<//3: Sexual predators, violence, spicy foods

+: Loving, gentle, compassionate                                    

-: Dramatic, reclusive, shy

Beneath a grieving shell is a wounded woman who loves and cares for everyone else’s well-being. Gale gives herself to the point of exhaustion. She’s empathetic to a fault and yet she has a hard time opening up to everyone else, unless she’s overwhelmed. Gale glamours herself as an Auronian male to hide her fragility from the world.

Gale, without her male glamour.


Gale is a medium dark-skinned beauty with royal blue hair and fiery orange eyes. Gale has a pear-shaped figure, even when she’s glamoured as a male. She stands an astounding 6’8” tall and her hair reaches down to her hips. She always wears her hair down, hiding her face behind her bangs that hang from either side. She wears a headband across her forehead to pull her hair back only slightly.


On Duty: Gale wears a blue, long-sleeved jacket that sports a large collar. It latches together in the front with a single golden chain, though it doesn’t close. When in the field, Gale sometimes ties her jacket around her waist, allowing for her to sense the world around her with heightened senses. She often wears a bandage wrapped around her torso and arms. She wears blue pants with large, flowing legs. Her feet are also wrapped in bandages and she wears white slip-on shoes.  

Casual: Gale prefers loose clothing. Any cardigans, turtlenecks, and cowl-neck sweaters will do. Gale also loves to wear loose-fitting yoga pants. She usually walks around barefoot; her feet are still bandaged.


Equipment Items
Kunai (7) White Mountain Herb Smoke Bombs
Bubble Wand+Fluid Jade Herb
(3) Scimitars Misc. Medicinal Herbs
Small Harp Bandages

Weapon(s): (3) Scimitars, Bubble Wand, Kunai (7)   

Wield Type: Triple

Specialty: Stealth 

Essence Trigger: Bubble Wand

Style: Healer / Ghost

The most shy and reserved of the three heads of the Rebels, Gale’s personality shows through on the battlefield. She tends to hang back in the shadows, providing support and gathering information for her allies. She is trained in close-quarter combat, so in the occasion that she’s cornered, she can either create a distraction and flee or strike the threat with alarming precision. She can “strengthen the spirit” with her small harp.



Gale was born as the daughter of the usurper king Kaito Shurinai. In fear of the king retaliating, Gale’s mother gave her a male glamour and instructed her to keep her identity hidden from her father and the council. During the fateful kingdom siege of Platinia at the hands of its previously excommunicated denizens, a group of Xenon Nata’s children abducted the princess and she never saw her home again.

  • On the way to Oniyex, Gale meets Luke.
  • After much training and displaying of artistic talent, Incubus the Benevolent takes Gale under her wing.
  • She becomes fascinated with spiders.
  • Gale joins the Spade Orchestra.
  • Gale joins Luke in leading a siege on the latter’s workplace.
  • Gale discovers Andy and takes a liking to him. She stalks him closely. She leads a variety of operations across La Seri, luring youth who suffer physical and sexual abuse into “Father’s loving arms.”
  • Gale finds out about a new abductee, Terry, through Luke. The two have a disagreement. Eventually, Gale sympathizes with Terry when he witnesses Kitsu’s intense training and how harsh the prince was on the child.
  • At the behest of Luke, Gale runs away with his friend and Terry.



Above the warm-colored sunset in the clouds, the sky cools off and the breeze whispers along the ever-present, ethereal bubbles that float up from below. Gale rests among these clouds.        Beneath the clouds on a starry night, Gale rests next to a glowing fountain, playing a harp that is tethered to her soul.


  • Gale is a string musician, having started off on the violin and moved on to the harp.
  • Gale strings her instruments with her own hair.
  • Gale enjoys dance but she says she’s awful at it.
  • Gale is a very powerful lucid dreamer.